• U.S. under Trump series: lawmakers reach deal ‘in-principle’ to avert 2nd shutdown

    Source: FxWire Pro - Commentary / 12 Feb 2019 01:14:41   America/New_York

    Some key lawmakers in the United States have floated the idea that a bi-partisan agreement has been reached in principle that would avert a 2nd government shutdown in 2019. The lawmakers announced the awaited breakthrough in talks after a long closed-door meeting on Capitol Hill on Monday evening. Media reports have cited republican lawmaker Richard Shelby and Democratic lawmaker Nita Lowey. The negotiations dragged on over the weekend with little progress, as Democrats insisted on capping immigrant detentions by federal authorities that were vehemently rejected by Republican lawmakers.

    After the longest government shutdown in the United States’ history, President Trump was able to sign a three-week stopgap funding bill on January 25th. He warned that he would not sign an agreement without funding for his border wall and push the United States to another round of shutdowns.

    The details of the deal are yet to emerge.

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