German Trade Balance


The balance between exports and imports of total goods and services released by the Statistisches Bundesamt Deutschland. Germany Trade Balance is one of the largest components of Germany's Balance of Payment. Due to Germany's economy being the largest in Europe, along with its' expert oriented nature, trade data provides critical insight into pressures on Euro value. In order to determine the effect on the German Trade Balance on the Euro, German Trade is divided into two categories; intra-Euro-zone trades and extra-Euro-zone-trades. While intra trades between Germany and other member Euro-zone countries have no effect on the overall valuation of the Euro, extra trades between Germany and non Euro-zone countries do indeed affect the overall Euro-zone trade balance. Because of the large amount of Euro-zone exports in Germany, the figure does have the tendency to somewhat move the market upon release. Currency inflows such as these may cause a natural appreciation of the Euro unless countered by capital outflows of a similar nature. In a bare minimum situation, surpluses will boost up the currency's value. More simply put, the Trade Balance measures the difference in worth between exported and imported goods over the month.

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