• FxWirePro: gold’s double top coupled with bearish RSI divergence, bearish DMA & MACD crossovers, but consolidation phase extends rising wedge

    Source: FxWire Pro - Technicals / 01 Mar 2018 05:31:43   Eastern Standard Time

    The gold (XAUUSD) bears resume exactly at rising wedge resistance but despite the bearish sentiments in the minor trend, the consolidation phase in the major uptrend on track of extending rising wedge pattern and retracing 50% Fibonacci levels.

    While on daily terms, the double top formation is spotted out with top 1 at 1365.95 and top 2 at 1344.62 and neckline at 1306.40 levels. This bearish pattern is coupled with shooting star that has occurred at 1347.60, bearish RSI divergence and bearish DMA & MACD crossovers.

    As a result, the bears have managed to slide the current prices below DMAs ever since the occurrence of the flurry these bearish patterns.

    The minor trend sentiment has been slightly in bears’ favor.

    RSI shows bearish divergence (observe price curve and RSI curve, when the price has risen from the lows of 1293.78 to the current 1310.28 levels, the leading oscillator has declined noticeably.

    While stochastic curves pop up with the %D crossover even after entering into oversold territories. These indications have been extremely weaker in the minor trend.

    To substantiate this bearish stance, MACD and DMAs also show bearish crossovers that signal price dips to extend further in the days to come.

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