• French election: le PEN vows deeper party reform after defeat to macron;eyes parliamentary election

    Source: FxWire Pro - Commentary / 07 May 2017 19:34:28   Eastern Standard Time

    After the independent candidate and the leader of the ‘En Marche’ movement Emmanuel Macron defeated the Front National candidate Marine Le Pen in the second round of the French Election, Madame Le Pen vowed further reform within the party for a better election outcome next time around. In a short briefing to his supporters after conceding defeat to Emmanuel Macron, Le Pen said that the Front National party which is viewed by many as a far-right winger due to the past stances of Marine Le Pen’s father Jean-Marie Le Pen would need deeper reforms to become a broader patriotic force in the country. She said, "The National Front... must deeply renew itself in order to rise to the historic opportunity and meet the French people's expectations," She added that she would propose to start deep transformation of the movement of her camp to make a new political force, which may have a new name other than Front National, which was founded by her father Marie Le Pen.

    She also said that she would immediately begin a new campaign for the French parliamentary elections that would be held in the next few months in order to become the most pertinent opposition force to the Macron Presidency.